SwarmIt is thought that honeybees have been on Earth for around 26 million years but sadly since the invasion of a parasite called Varroa jacobsoni British and European races of bees are now under threat of extinction. Wild colonies, which cannot be treated, are dying out and the number of swarms should decrease. It is estimated that approximately 30% of our food crops rely on pollination and as honeybees are usually the most important pollinators it is easy to imagine what devastating consequences their absence may mean. Every single bee is therefore very precious and all swarms need to be caught and cared for by beekeepers.

If you should happen to come across a swarm they are usually quite docile. To be on the safe side keep children and pets well away so the bees are not disturbed and immediately telephone a beekeeper. Listed below are members of the Surrey Beekeepers Association Guildford Division who are happy to collect swarms. If you have difficulty in finding a local beekeeper your library, the police, or the Environmental Health Department may have a more comprehensive list. Beekeepers may ask for a small fee to cover the costs involved. If you are pleased with the handling of your swarm, please consider making a donation to Guildford Beekeepers as we are completely reliant on fundraising. To make a donation click here.

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Guildford Division Swarm Collectors list 2021



Guildford                                   GU1 / GU2                         Steve Cotney                                     07788 144332
Guildford                                   GU1 3**                            Chris Roberts                                     01483 572565
Guildford                                   GU3 3**                            Hugh Coakley                                    07752 325557
Worplesdon/Albury                     GU3 3**                            Sergio Pignagnoli                               07713 643261
Shalford                                    GU4 8**                            Robert Piggott                                   01483 562289
Bramley                                    GU5 0**                            Steve Cotney                                     07788 144322

Bramley/ Shere/Albury               GU5 0**                            Louise Nicklin                                    07884 312000
Cranleigh                                  GU6 8**                           Jonathan Brookhouse                         07768 376265
Hascombe                                 GU8 4**                           Roy Kelsey                                        01483 208557
Chiddingfold                              GU8 4**                           Kenelm Murray            01428 684630 / 07969 500478
Godalming                                 GU8 4**                          Martin Gardiner                                  01483 200828
Witley/Brook                              GU8 5**                          Ian Beaumont                                    01428 289104

Ash/Ash Green                           GU12 6**                        Astrid Bowers-Veenman                       01252 330229 
Camberley    GU15 1**                        Mark Scott                                    07702 500972
Knaphill/St Johns GU21 8**            Seamus Anderson                               07841 672638
Ripley       GU23 4**                       Peter Shoesmith                                 07831 386561
Bisley       GU24 9**                      Jonathan & Elizabeth Pegg                   01483 830507
Pirbright    GU24 0**                       Mrs Lou Major                                    07999 525510

Fetcham/Bookham/ Effingham    KT23 4**                        Mark Sutherland                                 07977 571388
West Horsley KT24 6**                        Dr Peter Dawson                                 07768 926515
East Horsley KT24 5**                        Dave Bennett                                      07818 026044
East Horsley KT24 5**                        Alex Cartwright                                   07887 681582
Effingham    KT24 5**                        Tim Copp                                    07977 544992

Guildford Beekeepers do not deal with wasp nests which is a specialised activity.

Please get in touch with your local pest control company in your area to deal with them.

We depend on your support to help us care for our precious honeybees. Please remember that any assistance given by a beekeeper is provided on the basis that neither the Association nor its member can be held responsible for any inadvertant misadventure during the process of collecting swarms. Beekeepers are not experts in pest control, tree surgery or steeplejacks!! Swarms are collected subject to their accessibility

Guildford Borough Environmental Health 01483 444371

Waverley Borough Env. Health 01483 869424

Woking Borough Council Env. Health 01483 755855

If you are not within or very near any of the areas covered above, further swarm collectors may be found nearer to you using the British Beekeepers Association find a swarm collector.