Guildford Division of Surrey Beekeepers has its lovely Teaching Apiary at Birtley House, Bramley Surrey. It is in a beautiful setting and has excellent facilities both for members and trainee beekeepers. Our Practical Course in the spring/summer takes place here.

All members, including those taking the Practical courses, must have read the Apiary Rules before coming to Birtley House Apiary. The Rules are sent to every member on joining and renewing their membership as well as to all Trainees. Receipt of the Rules assumes agreement.

The full apiary rules are set out below and MUST be strictly adhered to.

Apiary Rules (amended February 2017)

  1. An Apiary Manager appointed by the Committee will be responsible for supervising the apiary and will administer its organisation.
  2. All members are sent a copy of this document on joining or renewal of membership of the Division. Trainees will also be provided with a copy. It will therefore be assumed that they have been read and agreed to and that all members and trainees will abide by them.
  3. Visitors to the apiary must have read the apiary rules (copy in the noticeboard on the Barn), sign a disclaimer and must NOT enter any area without permission of The Apiary Manager or his representative.
  4. Hives or nuclei of bees situated in the apiary must be the property of Guildford Division of SBKA. Trainees may purchase a nucleus from the apiary when available. They MUST be moved to the trainee’s own apiary as soon as possible and until such time will remain the property of the Division. Trainees may only inspect their hives when the Apiary Manager or his representative is in attendance. In the event of an inability to inspect the colony due to illness or emergency the Apiary Manager MUST be advised.
  5. The Apiary Manager or his representative shall be entitled to inspect any colony kept in the apiary entirely at their own discretion.
  6. Ill-tempered, dangerous, diseased or mis-managed colonies will not be tolerated and may be destroyed as the Apiary Manager or his representative sees fit.
  7. Treatment of the colonies or nuclei against communicable bee diseases and parasites may only be carried out with the knowledge or supervision of the Apiary Manager or his representative, who may issue special instructions whenever necessary to deal with a particular threat. The choice of treatment of ALL hives or nuclei is made by the Apiary Manager.
  8. A record must be kept for each hive or nucleus. This should be updated after each inspection and kept by the Apiary Manager.
  9. Members working at the apiary must have clean protective clothing and footwear. Tools and equipment must be cleaned before and after use. Disposable gloves must be worn. Leather gloves are NOT permitted as they spread disease.
  10. Machinery, Mower/strimmer, may only be used by a member authorised by the Apiary Manager or his representative. Appropriate clothing, especially footwear, MUST be worn.
  11. No Minor will be allowed in the apiary unless accompanied by their parent or guardian and the Apiary Manager or his representative. All must wear the appropriate protective clothing.
  12. Members are solely responsible for any accident or mishap to any hive due to their activities. If members are not fully confident that the weights to be lifted are within their capabilities, they should obtain assistance.
  13. Any member or visitor to the apiary who is susceptible to a serious allergic reaction to bee or wasp stings should, on arrival, inform the Apiary Manager or his representative. If so susceptible they MUST CARRY AN EPIPEN.
  14. There is a first aid kit in both the Barn and the Orchard shed. Fire buckets are by all hives and fire beaters are in the Orchard by the shed. Water is also in both locations.
  15. In the case of a serious accident or anaphylactic shock, telephone the emergency services (999). The location is Birtley House, Bramley, Guildford, GU5 0LB.